Adjustment Difficulties


Adjusting to big changes in life, such as going to university, being diagnosed with a chronic/serious illness, experiencing a relationship breakdown or a loss or change of role etc. can cause significant stress and test anyone’s ability to cope. Most of the time we adjust to these changes within a few months but sometimes these changes can result in feelings of depression, anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed and hopeless which continues for a long time after you have had to adjust to these life changes.

Signs and symptoms of adjustment difficulties include:

·       Sadness

·       Hopelessness

·       Lack of enjoyment

·       Crying spells

·       Anxiety

·       Trouble sleeping

·       Difficulty concentrating

·       Feeling overwhelmed

·       Thoughts of suicide


Adjustment difficulties may affect your behaviour, in the following ways:

·       Aggression

·       Reckless driving

·       Drug use

·       Ignoring bills

·       Avoiding family or friends

·       Performing poorly in school or at work

Treatment for Adjustment Difficulties

During an initial meeting, time would be taken to explore the recent significant life changes/adjustments you have gone through and how they have impacted on you emotionally.  Based on this discussion Dr Rose may recommend that sessions will follow a specific therapeutic approach e.g. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Grief Therapy, Systemic Therapy, depending on what the significant adjustment is that you are going through and the symptoms that you may also be experiencing as a result of these changes e.g. low mood, anxiety etc.   Based on the nature of your difficulties and their severity, you and Dr Rose would agree collaboratively on the most suitable approach for you within the time frame you wish to attend therapy.

Should it be that your symptoms are causing you significant impairment of daily functioning and/or you may additionally benefit from being reviewed by a Psychiatrist, Dr Rose will make recommendations for this and onward referral if necessary.