Couples Therapy


Dr Rose has specific expertise in providing Couples Therapy having completed postgraduate training in Systemic Therapy which is one of the leading therapeutic approaches used in Couples Therapy and Family Therapy. Dr Rose also uses a Schema Therapy approach in working with couples particularly if their problems are related to specific hurtful situations/experiences that have occured between partners. Read on for a summary of each of these approaches: 

Systemic Therapy 

Systemic Therapy is a form of psychotherapy and is based on principles of systems theory. This means that the couple (or family) are viewed as a ‘system’ and problems within the system are located within the interactional patterns, dynamics and context of the system rather than being located in any individual.  The video above explains some of the broad principles of Systemic Therapy.

Systemic Therapy fundamentally believes that the couple’s/family relationship is central to the emotional health of each of the individuals within the couple/family. Therefore, systemic therapy is often helpful for couples who are finding that communication between one another has broken down with mutual blame being placed on each other, which is putting a strain on the overall wellbeing of the couple (or family). Within therapy, Dr Rose would aim to help the couple (or family members) to collaboratively address the problems, initially by helping the couple to understand how their relationship functions (e.g. the roles each partner takes and how this may be linked to their family of origin/gender/cultural background etc.), including their communication patterns. Subsequently sessions focus on encouraging the couple to modify their responses to each other in small ways, with the aim that these small shifts in behaviour will bring about positive changes in the way each partner (or family member) communicates, thereby improving the overall stablity of the system i.e. the couple/family.

Schema Therapy for couples

As a Certified Schema Therapist, Dr Rose may alternatively use Schema Therapy in working with couples, which is a particularly useful approach when the couple are trying to deal with a sense of hurt between one another, arising from a specific situation or series of events which have caused significant emotional injury to one/both partners e.g. infidelity, a partner not being able to support the other at the time of a crisis such as a loss of a child etc. In the video below, Travis Atkinson, speaks about the application of Schema Therapy to working with couples.


Dr Rose regularly provides couples therapy and family therapy to help couples and families address persistent conflict and/or their sense that communication between them is breaking down. Couples therapy and family therapy can also be helpful for couples and families who are experiencing stressful life events including illness or bereavement, divorce and separation or transition points in the couple’s/family life (.e.g. an adult child leaving the family to go to university/moving out of home).  Dr Rose can also work with you on an individual basis if you have relationship concerns but it is not possible to attend appointments with your partner/family members.


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